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Update 1st November 2023

Bulk billing will be reintroduced for standard consultations for Children 15 and under, pension/concession card holders, health care card holders. Please see below for details.


Fee Schedule


Effective 1 November 2023


  • Patients aged 15 and under
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Pensioner/Concession Card holders
  • Health Care Card holders
  • Commonwealth Seniors Card holders
  • DVA Gold Cardholders
  • DVA Hite Eligible Conditions

(Valid concession card MUST be presented for each consultation for pension/concession card holders)


  • Chronic Disease Management Plan Preparation and Review
  • Over 75 year old Health Assessments (often done annually with your driver licence medical)



Consultation Time Total Fee Rebate to you from Medicare Out-of-Pocket cost
Standard Consultation $88.00 $41.40 $46.60
Long Consultation $138.00 $80.10 $57.90
Pro-Longed Consultation $178.00 $118.00 $60.00


Some procedures will incur an extra fee such as Biopsies, Mental Health Plans, Implanon, Mirena, Iron Infusions etc.


All invoices must be paid by the patient at the time of the consultation.  We will provide a copy of the receipt of payment for you to claim back from your insurer. Workcover Case Conferences will be invoiced direct to your insurance company with valid claim number.

Fees for non-attendance

A fee will be charged for appointments that are not attended and not cancelled.


Private Billing Update July 2022

Dear Patients

Like many, we are frustrated by the inadequate funding of medicare. The rebate provided to you by the government is no longer sustaining medical practices in Australia. For a standard GP consultation the medicare rebate is less than half the recommended fee from the Australian Medical Association. It is set to be increased by only sixty five cents on July 1st. This does not come close to covering the increased costs the practice faces with inflation over 5%.

We are saddened that we are now forced to charge a gap fee to most patients. We feel conflicted about this and are still finalising the details. We expect to introduce these changes on the 1st of August 2022.

We share your frustration at these changes and are concerned about our patient’s ability to access care when they are unwell. The only alternative leads down a path that ends with the practice closing.

We encourage those who share our frustration to get in contact with local representatives to push for change to the current inadequate medicare rebate.

We will publish the details of the changes in the coming weeks.

Yours faithfully,

Nelson Plaza Management

Gap Fees for some procedures

Unfortunately, due to the high costs of providing some procedures, Nelson Plaza clinic will be charging a gap fee for some items from 26/04/2021  as follows.


Practice fee

Medicare rebate

Out of pocket cost

Biopsy of skin




Excision of benign lesion (for which there is no medicare item number)

$100 per 15 minutes


$100 per 15 minutes

Implanon insertion




Implanon removal




Implanon removal and reinsertion




Mirena IUD insertion




Toenail wedge excision




We regret that medicare rebates do not cover these procedures, and would encourage all patients who share our frustration to contact their government representatives to pursue adequate funding of our health service.


Nelson Plaza Management

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