B.App Sc (Occupational Therapy)
Member of Occupational Therapy Australia

Natalie is a registered occupational therapist with 14 years experience, having completed her degree at The University of Sydney. She has worked in a wide range of settings both in the public and private sectors before setting up her private practice in Nelson Bay in 2010. Natalie has extensive experience in home assessments, minor and major home modifications, prescriptions of aids and appliances and rehabilitation, with a particular interest in stroke/neurology rehabilitation.

Services include adult rehabilitation, aged care and a wide range of assessments and interventions for paediatrics. Natalie is passionate about promoting and enabling independence to all individuals in the local community.

A full or partial rebate for occupational therapy services may be available to you from the following:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Private Health funds
  • GP Management Plans (Enhanced Primary Care)
  • Helping Children with Autism Medicare items
  • Better Start Medicare items
  • Mental Health Plans

Services are also available for private/self funded clients and organisations.